'How To Disappear' by Gillian McAllister

Everyone’s life changed the day Zara witnessed the crime. When she gives evidence at the trial, she angers a lot of dangerous people. As Zara’s identity begins to be compromised and threatened, the only choice for her and her mother Lauren is to disappear.

But leaving their friends, family and loved ones behind isn’t as simple as it seems. One minor error – a text, an Instagram like – could easily reveal Lauren and Zara’s new identities.

Will they be found? Or will they simply disappear…

‘How To Disappear’ by Gillian McAllister is a really interesting psychological thriller. I’ve never read a book about witness protection, so I was immediately intrigued by the plot.

The book shows us different perspectives – Zara, Lauren, Aiden (Lauren’s husband) and Poppy (Zara’s stepsister). I always love reading these types of layouts, and this worked particularly well because we could learn about Zara and Lauren’s life in witness protection, and how this impacted those that were left behind.

There are a lot of great characters in this book, and I think I sympathised with the main four quite a lot, but they all frustrated me sometimes. I know how hard it must be to completely leave your old life behind, but the silly mistakes some of these characters made were truly annoying and I just wanted to have a go at them. (If anything, that just shows how invested I was in the plot).

As a whole, I thought the storyline was really well-paced and intriguing. My only criticism is that the final couple of chapters felt a tad bit rushed, especially after we read the final shocking twist (which I loved and was not prepared for).

This was a great and gripping read, one to add to your TBR for sure! I have a feeling it’ll be a fab summer read.

Thanks to NetGalley and Michael Joseph Books for providing me with an early copy in exchange for a review.

‘How To Disappear’ is out the 9th of July 2020!

Favourite quotes:

“Life stretches out in front of her without him. It isn’t loneliness, it isn’t starting over, it is heartbreak.”

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